Dem Outta Here

  • Released: May 11, 2010
  • Format: digital
  • Label: Subinfinity Recordings
  • Produced by: Process Rebel

1. Dem Outta Here
2. Dem Outta Here (Jah Billah Remix)
3. Dem Outta Here (SDP Cumbia Mix)
4. Walk The Talk Dub

For the Original Mix Process Rebel sets classic dub melody over resampled and chopped-up breaks punctuated by auto-filtered guitar stabs reminiscent of The Clash. Hailing from Croatia, Jah Billah steps up with a drum-driven tribal remix that literally cries out exclamations of dub joy through dense clouds of reverb ganja smoke. Next up, Sonido del Principe (ring leader of Generation Bass) presents a perfect marriage of electro-cumbia island line dance with Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade. Last up is Process Rebel with Walk The Talk Dub, featuring dubstep drums propelled forward by a densely distorted and harmonically rich vowel filtered lead bass.