Jam Jarr Meets Process Rebel

  • Released: April 29, 2011
  • Format: digital
  • Label: Subinfinity Recordings
  • Produced by: Process Rebel

1. Jam Jarr – Toast To The Roasted (NOT A PROCESS REBEL TRACK)
2. Look Long featuring Bakaman
3. Jam Jarr – Neck Low (Process Rebel Remix)
4. Jam Jarr – Neck Low Instrumental (Process Rebel Remix)

Process Rebel delivers a psychedelic genre bending and blending of dubstep, hip-hop and trance for Bakaman’s call to action in Look Long. Arpeggiators and morse code messages call out over reverb drenched hi-hats, tight cut-up percussion and deep round rolling basses in this forward pushing tune! Process Rebel chose his favorite Jam Jarr tune and rips it to shreds in a tried, tested and certifiable dancefloor destroyer Neck Low (Process Rebel Remix). Super glitched breakcore dubstep. Time to get loose with some other shit! The Neck Low remix is so hot that we had to release the instrumental as well. Neck Low Instrumental (Process Rebel Remix) showcases an explosive chemistry between Jam Jarr producer Soundproof and Process Rebel. Bring your house MC to the stage and fire test them with this multi-headed hydra.