• Released: September 5, 2014
  • Format: digital
  • Label: Subinfinity Recordings
  • Produced by: Maga Bo and Process Rebel

1. Lanekasi Feat. Teba Shumba
2. Like A Punk Feat. Teba Shumba
3. Tropical Operator Riddim
4. For The Grace Feat. Teba Shumba

Transnational bass ambassador Maga Bo (Rio) meets the genre-slippery but industrially heavy Process Rebel (Amsterdam) to create an EP that explodes fresh amalgams of urban electronic music. The producers enlisted Teba Shumba (Cape Town) for lyrics and vocals when the three had a chance meeting in Amsterdam during overlapping European tours. All of the vocal recording and final mixes were done at Process Rebel’s studio in Amsterdam.

The EP opens with Lanekasi, a heavy stepping kwaito stomp that features vocalist Teba Shumba delivering dark and brooding phrases in his native slang that combines the languages of Zulu and Xhosa. Next up is Like A Punk. A dub-tribal juggernaut with an industrial edge, Like A Punk is lethal sonic artillery for any sound system worth its weight. Pure sound boy murderation! Track three is the instrumental Tropical Operator Riddim, in which a percussive and airy melody sings and dubs its way through a lush atmosphere balanced by the gravity of a smooth and assertive bassline. Closing out the EP is For The Grace, a re-worked version of Tropical Operator Riddim that features vocalist Teba Shumba.