Dub Champions Festival in Amsterdam


Just had a great weekend with the Dub Champions Festival in Amsterdam! True Soldiers, MC Brother Culture, Twilight Circus and Goth Trad in the area at OT301. This was the debut of the festival in Amsterdam and we all feel that it was strong and sure footed step forward.

We also did a festival takeover at Red Light Radio. Check the stream below. I debuted some unreleased and upcoming tracks beginning at approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes in.

Process Rebel 2013 Q1 DJ Promo Mix


A short but sweet mix to give a taste of what i’ll be up to in my upcoming sets in support of the Code Fusion EP release on Balanced Records.


(1) Code Fusion/Process Rebel/Balanced Records
(2) One Rapper One Dub/7FT Soundsystem Meets Redondo/Bombaada
(3) Addicted (Process Rebel Remix VIP Dubplate)/Citizen Sound Feat. Ammoye/WhiteLabel
(4) Dem Outta Here (2013 Mix)/Process Rebel/Balanced Records
(5) Dem Outta Here (Richie Phoe Remix)/Process Rebel/Balanced Records
(6) Conquer/Fleck/Breathe Records
(7) Rowdy Limbo/Process Rebel/Subinfinity Recordings
(8) Living The Life (Subatomic Sound System’s Trap-ical Dub)/Noble Society Feat. Jahdan Blakkamore/Subatomic Sound
(9) Not Givin In (Flore Remix)/FreQ Nasty Feat. Tippa Irie & Solar Lion/Skint Records

Pay-To-Play? No Way!


One thing that has dawned on me with the Soundcloud Next changes is that it’s basically a “pay-to-play” system. The community vibe that was there in the beginning has been in the process of disintegration for the past year or so anyway, but Next deals the final death blow.

Artists/Musicians/Producers/Labels pay premium rates to upload content into a “potential stream pool” that essentially provides Souncloud with an underground/over-gound/unreleased/released/bootleg/remix/dj mixes/promo mixes/work-in-progress/whatever else streaming radio site. The more minutes (over the free 120) you want to have available the more you have to pay from €29/79/250/500 per year!! Can you imagine having to pay that to iTunes or Spotify or any digital retailer to have your music on their platform? Nobody I know or have ever known, makes enough to support something like that. Yet, essentially this is what Soundcloud has become. That kind of money seemed reasonable when Soundcloud was perceived and used more as dropbox, all-in-one sound works storage location, promo tool, professional networking and community building platform. But not now.

12/21/2012 may not have been the end of the world but it marks a radical shift in consciousness regarding social media that I have seen being played out in Soundcloud Next, Facebook, The”New” Myspace etc… After approximately 10 years of being a guinea pig for these social media companies, one thing is for sure: 2013 will see a new strategy for Process Rebel.